Fossils ore organisms that were one part of something this is how the process goes. The animal dies and over time it is covered with dirt and mud when this happens the bones get replaced with minerals over time but this is a really long process and can take years. Do you know how amber is made? Sap from a tree falls really slowly and over time it hardens and after a really long time it becomes a mineral. and if a mosquito gets stuck in the amber the mosquito will die and will be stuck when the sap hardens and that mosquito sometimes has dinosaur blood in it. Scientists found a mosquito in some amber, that is probably the closest they got to making a Dino. Petrified wood is made from wood falling into mud and slowly being replaced by minerals and over a while of thousands of years it turns into petrified wood.



Well summer is close and school is almost over. I am very exited about summer but also sad about school almost over. I hope you have fun during summer here is a video about summer.

I am also am going to the coast with Grandma and Grandpa too. On July we are going to Sunriver and on August we are going to California.


3133848-line-drawing-of-two-little-boys-who-are-good-friendsHi, me again. Do you know what friendship skills are? Well it is when you have a friend or something and you are friends. That is friendship. What I learned this year, is that if you be mean to someone you can’t be their friend. Here is a picture of two friends getting along. That is how you should act as a friend.





Video Games

Do you know Minecraft? It is when you have to survive and gain XP. For XP stands experience. So the point is you have to build and survive. You can change your skin too, but you can not change your name, only on the pc.  Minecraft is on the phone,  iPad, PC and Xbox. Here are the characters.

Do you know Atari games? Well, you will after you read this. Atari games are very old like lunar lander, which only has black and white. Battle Zone only has green and black, but mostly black.  Here are a list of atari games








Battle Zone




Space Invaders





The first video game in the world…

PongpongDefender images

last but not least Missile Command


my favorite game is…







last but not least

                                  Battle Zone

Hall Of Fame

Today we did our Great People Hall of Fame. It was so fun. I was Neil Armstrong. I actually became my great person. It was awesome! Neil Armstrong died five years ago, that is in 2010, today is 2015. By the time he walked on the moon in 1969, we had color televisions.KAR-2015-ELITE-TF_grande

Human Body Number 3

Hi it’s me, Garrett. Here is another body post. This time it is how the human body works. Here is some information. The human body is very fragile. The heart powers the brain and the brain powers the heart. The heart makes blood and the blood has O2 which stands for oxygen. After a while, the blood loses O2 and goes to the lungs for O2. When you need to go to the bathroom the connection goes to the brain and that makes you feel like you need to use the bathroom. Here is a question.

A. Does the heart power the brain?

B. Does the brain power the heart?

C. Do they both power each other?

Answer is C. body